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Sports Injuries in Children

Especially due to the widespread use of industrial sports in our country, these injuries have become one of the most common conditions in the pediatric age group. In order to prevent such injuries, it is important to find the most appropriate sport branch for the child’s development. A child is not smaller than an adult. Therefore, it is important to choose a sport branch that is suitable for many factors such as the child athlete’s muscular structure, neuromotor development, flexibility and psychological structure. In such a case, it would be right to benefit from a multi-component team such as pediatric orthopedist, physiotherapist, developmental specialist, sports physician, dietician and psychologist.

What are the Most Common Childhood Sports Injuries?

In our country, approximately one third of children who play licensed sports are girls and two thirds are boys. For this reason, sports injuries are more common in boys. The most common sports injuries are muscle-joint sprains and strains, contusions, dislocations and fractures. Although it varies according to the sport practiced, the most commonly injured area is the knee joint.

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